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Smugglers Bay (Bodrum)

The ideal dive point for both beginner, open water and advanced divers. Blue Escape will take you to Smugglers Bay in 30 minutes from Bodrum harbour. The bay takes its historical name as it was the secret place for drug smugglers between Greece and the land, as it is so difficult to see the bay entrance from outside. There are small caverns on the shore. But the surprise of the bay is at the right. There is the enterance of an underwater cavern system reaches into Karaada for 40-50 meters and hidden just below sea level. You could only see the top of enterance on a low tide day. It is not recommended for divers( even for cavern divers) because of its so narrow and labyrinth-shape. If you just want to look at the small enterance point of the cave then you can see sweepers and sponges.

 You could enjoy diving two directions of the bay. If you prefer to dive right side then you will come across the great view of amphoras at 26 meters depth and while reaching there expect to see moray eels within rock formations, groupers and even a Gurnard can pop out from the sandy sea bed.

If you prefer to dive left side of Smugglers Bay; you can join the feast of dentex,stingray, soldier fish,morays within the different  species of sponges.