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PADI Courses

PADI (Professional Association Of Diving Instructors): You can crown your amazing holiday with a PADI  certificate while diving in Bodrum with us. Blue Escape Scuba Instructors will lead you about the most appropriate PADI course.

PADI Scuba Diver:  Before being an Open Water Diver; it is the choice for the ones who want to start with a slow step. Our instructors will guide you about this shortened programme and you will get closer to your ultimate aim of being an open water diver.You will be qualified to dive a depth of maximum 12 meters with a Professional.

PADI Open Water Diver: You will surprise how easy to become a Scuba Diver with our instructors. The course includes basic guidelines and skills you need to start exploring diving in Bodrum. You will get used to maintaining scuba equipment and find out how easy and amazing to move under the water with you gear. Breathing underwater is an amazing experience and reall fun. After each dive you will be surprised how you improved your diving skills. You will use  mask, snorkel, fins, regulator, buoyancy control device, dive gauges and a tank and start to feel that as part og your body.

Scuba Review: If you have an Open Water Diver Certitficate and but not dived for a long time and worrying about being rusty then you can remember your skills with our  Scuba Professionals in Bodrum. You will remember important safety points, how to use and maintain scuba equipment properly and regain buoyancy control.
PADI Specialty Courses: You just need to choose from a large era then our insructors ready to train you  within all the scopes you desire. As the dive center of Bodrum; we are the address for all  PADI specialties below.

PADI Adventure Diver: Being an Adventure Diver helps you to find out what you like most under the water and what you need to improve during your dive. If you always interested in underwater photography then our instructors will organize special guided dives and train you for the keypoints. If you feel that your buoyancy is lack then Blue Escape instructors will plan special dives and work with you for improving your skills. Or you will be wondering about aquatic life of Bodrum then get used to fishes with Blue Escape Team. YOu need to choose 5 interesting specialty programme and after you succeeded them here you are an adventure diver.

PADI Advanced Open Water Diver: The course aims to improve your scuba skills by gaining some specialties and advance your diving. You will be more experienced when you complete the programme .As you are already an Adventure Diver;you only need  two more specialties ; Deep Adventure Diving by which you will learn how to deal with challenges of deeper scuba and Navigation Adventure Diving by which you will learn how to use a compass  under the water and learning about natural navigation which will help you to find your way by using your kick-cycles.

The other specialties you need is up to your point of interest. You will try wreck diving; underwater photography; advanced buoyancy control and more.It is just up to your wish.

PADI Rescue Diver: You may feel that since you began your Scuba Journey; you never reached to a level such challenging. Because you will start to solve problems; manage unexpected situations and start helping others around.This means our instructors will train you to be a confident diver and a sufficient dive partner. You will learn from our instructors self rescue;recognizing and managing stress in other divers; rescuing panicked divers and even how to rescue  an unresponsive diver. More than ever you will feel satisfied when you complete the course.

Emergency First Response Provider: You will learn how to take care about people when they faced with a medical emergency. Our instructors will train you about emergency care and you will know how to handle an unexpected situation and become a life saver.

Within the scope of the course Blue Escape Scuba Instructors will train you regarding primary care  –life saving CPR and first aid how to ease the pain of injured divers and reduce risks of further harm.

PADI Dive Master:  This is the level when you take the ropes of scuba diving in your hand. It is the first step of being a professional diver and even think scuba diving as a career.In this phase you will be working ver y close with your instructor and gain enormous experience, which will make you a role model for starters.You will learn how to supervise a variety diving activities and assist others, you will be the one who conducts dive briefings and become a perfect risk manager, problem solver as the organizator of  different dives.

PADI Divemaster program is not only a structured internship within which you will gain leadership skills through but also theoretical lessons and training exercises in order to reach a capability of improving other’s scuba.

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