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You will feel the difference of Diving in Bodrum when you visit Bodrum’s most amazing diving spots with Blue Escape Dive Center. The diversity and large amounts of sponge formations in Bodrum make possible for divers to see the whole range of Mediterranean sea species. In every dive you can bump into an Octopus, stingrays, groupers, large families of barracudas, morays, sea bream, nudibranchs, seahorses, scorpion fish, dentex, leer fish and sponges if you are lucky even dolphins, caretta caretta and seals. Bodrum’s fauna and flora is always surprising for unwater photographers. Bodrum is the leading actor of underwater documentaries and offers convenience for open water, advanced and beginner divers. Bodrum is also hosting 3 wrecks for wreck divers; very good reef and wall formations and caverns. Because of its archeological history as Halikarnassos; it is possible for you to find some keys to history and see amphoras.

Crystal clear water of Bodrum makes possible visibility to 20-30 meters and poses to underwater  videos and photographs. Water temperature is around 16 degrees in winter and rises up to 27 degrees in summer which makes your dives joyfull each season. You are invited to visit Bodrum’s spectacular dive sites with Blue Escape; ’’the dive center in Bodrum.’’