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SSI Courses

SSI (Scuba Schools International)
Blue Escape Diving is the right dive center in Bodrum to start diving and become a recognized diver with SSI which is represented in 110 countries which makes it so desirable worldwide.

SSI Scuba Diver:  If you always want to be a scuba diver but short of vacation time then you can go with shortened version and have your Scuba Diver course. It is just the half of SSI Open Water Diver course where you can learn basic skills for scuba and start your adventure by diving till 12meters depth under direct supervision.  When you decide to have your Open Water Diver Certificate, the course will sure count as credit what you need is just a short skill update.

SSI Open Water Diver: As Blue Escape team, we believe Open Water Diver course is the best way to start scuba diving in Bodrum. You will have your personal instructor taking care for you and we will not give up until you reach untimate comfprt level with you scuba skills and equipments. Our instructors not only donate you with training exercises but also support you with academics. When you complete the course you will be a confident diver and can attend dives to a limit of 18 meters depth.

SSI Specialty Diver:  As you are an Open Water Diver, now it is the time to pursuit your most interest era for you under the water. As the leader dive center in Bodrum; you can choose your specialty course and our instructors can give all academic feedback and training skills for a whole range of diving activities and get certified worldwide.

  • Night / Limited Visibility Diving
  • Diver Stress & Rescue
  • Search & Recovery
  • Deep Diving
  • Boat Diving
  • Waves,Tides&Currents
  • Navigation
  • Computer Diving
  • Equipment Techniques
  • Wreck Diving
  • Underwater Photography & Video
  • Perfect Buoyancy
  • Science of Diving


SSI Advanced Adventurer Diver: This is a combined programme through which you will choose 5 SSI specialty programme and our instructors will give all the feedback. After you finalize your academics and skill dives for each specialty scope; you become an Advanced Adventurer Diver. The advantage of Advanced Adventurer programme is that it is combined and you need less number dives to take the specialties so save of time.

SSI Advanced Open Water Diver: If you are already completed Open Water Programme; visit Blue Escape’’the dive center of Bodrum’’to be a SSI Advanced Open Water Diver. You need to complete 24 dives after you finalized open water course and you just need to add 4 SSI specialty programme that needs active open water training. When you get you certificate; you just open the door to be welcomed all over the World as an experienced diver.

SSI Scuba Skills Update: If you didn’t dived for a long period like one year and you need to remember your scuba skills and basic academics then this programme is perfect for you. Our instructors just make you regain your scuba abilities. They will find out what is missing and beside basics you could repeat all your needs regarding scuba and fulfill your confidence.

SSI Dive Guide: This is the point you started to be a divepro and the one who is the role model of becoming new scuba divers. Get this experience at Bodrum’s dive center Blue Escape. The goal of this program is to donate you with practical applications and backround informations and make you an experienced diver so that you could lead and guide other certified divers. To become a dive guide you need to have in hand Navigation; Deep Diving, Night Diving nd Search and Recovery specialties plus Dive Stress and Rescue Specialty. Also you need to know about all details regarding CPR and First Aid applications.

SSI Divemaster:  After you become a dive guide you need take Science of Diving programme in order to be a Divemaster when you reach this level you could start to assist Blue Escape instructors which will brings a great experience for you as a future dive pro. Enhance your scuba experience to a Professional Divemaster level as being a part of Bodrum’s dive center Blue Escape.