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Welcome to Blue Escape Diving;

Blue Escape Diving is a well-structural Project which is created by 5 professional divers who have a deep passion for recreational diving. This Project created one of the best dive centers of Bodrum. The organization is built with the purpose of implying good references gained by these divers through years and preventing wrong regulations for themselves, their guests and divers worldwide. Blue Escape as a dive center is the brand of Bodrum.

The dynamic organism of Blue Escape has following major aims:

  • Creating the conditions in which sportive diving could be executed in the safest , the most professionel and peaceful way.
  • Increasing the awareness of people internationally regarding Bodrum and its underwater diversity while protecting Bodrum’s wonderful fauna and flora.
  • Enhancing new comers who will explore the beauty of Underwater World for the first time and train new starters with theoretical and practical backround at international standards.
  • To play a proactive role on improvement of diving sport in Turkey and worldwide.

In the purpose of realizing above aims; we rebuilt our boat ‘Blue Escape’ in order to create the most convenient and joyfull era for recreational diving.

Our guests are welcomed on board for meeting the fascinating beauty of underwater World and being a member of professionel team who tries to reach a comfort level on ‘Blue Escape’ that makes you feel at home.


Because Blue Escape Diving created its vision on following unchangeable high standards.

  • It is an idealist and proactive organization which is founded by divers like you who loves scuba diving and underwater world by heart and worked hard for diving principles.
  • Blue Escape Diving has a professionally well-organized structure.
  • The safety of our employees and guests is fundamental for us. Our boat and equipments are designed and chosen to ensure our safety principles.
  • Transfers to and from our boat is guaranteed by Professional Driving Services.
  • All of our guests are insured during their transfers to and from boat as the whole time period on board.
  • Blue Escape Diving is an environmental organization. Beside supporting and sharing ‘’SAVE THE BLUE’’ activities and principles we are also playing an active role to protect our underwater fauna and flora not only for our Country but also all around the World.
  • All diving equipments on Blue Escape are designed and produced by Beuchat and chosen from 2015 European catalogue.
  • High hygiene rules are essential and indispensable on board and during the dive.
  • All diving courses are given by our professionel Job titles who are expert on both theoretical disciplines and practical applications of scuba diving on international standard.
  • All of our team is chosen very carefully who has great professional experience and personal qualifications. Their only aim is feeling you comfortable during your visit and to be a part of your most beautiful dive vacation memories.
  • Blue Escape is the brand of Bodrum Scuba Diving as the dive center.


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