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Aksona Bay (Bodrum)

You will reach Aksona Bay at the South edge of Karaada after 50 minutes joyfull trip with Blue Escape from Bodrum. The name of the Bay is coming from the famous sponge hunter ‘’Aksona Mehmet’’in Bodrum. This is a diving site with archeological foundations where you could face with Aegean mystery. It is recommended for advanced divers and to a level of 18 meters for open waters.

You will be passing sea grass and rock formations which starts at 3 meters and reaches to 20 meters and after that depth they are turning out to be a Wall formation. Look for the old Phonecian Ship Anchor which is around 13,5 meters and placed on a flat rock in order to be seen easily. While you are diving along the Wall; you could see a complete amphora on sandy sea bed at 30 meters.

During you dive you could expect to see groupers, octopus; dentex,gold blutch grouper,baracuda,moray eel and if you are on your lucky day even thornback ray and dogfish. Be aware of the reverse currents.